Corbyn “feeble and gutless” – Fears Russia Could Hack UK Election

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Sir Michael Fallon has suggested that Vladimir Putin would welcome a Labour victory in the upcoming general election as the Labour leader is “feeble and gutless” on defence. He added that Britain needed to be ready for potential cyber attacks and that it was possible that outside interference may plot to put Corbyn in Number 10 for their own purposes.

Nato has recently deployed troops to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe to try to reassure them in the face of Russian aggression. Sir Michael said: “Russia will be watching Labour’s feebleness. Jeremy Corbyn has not supported this deployment. He has questioned it.”

Jeremy Corbyn has long been against the renewal of the Trident nuclear program saying that the money could be better spent elsewhere. However in a world that becomes more uncertain the face of aggression from North Korea and possibly Russia Corbyn may have to reconsider his thinking if he has serious ambitions to lead the UK.

Sir Michael added that Mr Corbyn’s stance on the deterrent was “a continuing concern” for America and the rest of Britain’s allies.

He said: “Our allies obviously depend too on the deterrent, Nato is a nuclear alliance and Labour’s failure to wholeheartedly back the deterrent is obviously a continuing concern for the United States and our other allies.”

As a country with a proud military history and a former global super power has Mr Corbyn completely misjudged the publics opinion on military spending? Have your say in the comments.

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