4 more bank holidays under Labour Government

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to increase national bank holidays by 4 days insisting that workers “need a break”. How he proposes to pay for these extra days though is anyones guess. It is estimated that each bank holiday in the UK costs the country £2.3bn, a staggering figure. Presumably he will use the money saved from scrapping Trident to pay for this. So we can all enjoy an extra 4 days off a year as we get invaded and bombed back to the stone age if there is ever a war. Brilliant.

Do we even need more holdiays? Meanwhile in Japan and other prospering countries their productivity is through the roof while Britain continues to languish behind Asian and European rivals.

One person we asked said “we have to be one of the laziest countries in the world and now even our so called leaders want us to be more lazy. It doesn’t surprise me as Jeremy can’t even be bothered to wear a tie”.

It appears that Labour are trying to do anything they can to close the huge lead the Tories have in the Polls. More holidays and a £10 minimum wage. Of course upping the minimum wage is great in theory but it will put small businesses under even more financial strain. They are already feeling the pinch now that it is mandatory for them to supply workers with a workplace pension. So where do small businesses get the extra money to pay these wages? It will inevitably lead to redundancies.

Add this to the extra 4 days holiday which will see businesses lose even more money and you are looking at job losses all over the country. So think hard about whether Labours promises are deliverable and even if they are, is it worth it?

Corbyn refuses to authorise execution of IS leader

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to confirm he would authorise a drone strike that would take out the leader of the world’s most dangerous terror organisation. The conservatives have used this as base to attack the Labour leader, saying it proves he doesn’t have the guts to be the leader of the United Kingdom.

Corbyn has also confirmed he would dismantle UK defences to save money. The UK would likely cease to be a nuclear power under Corbyn leaving us wide open to attacks from rogue states like North Korea.

Mr Corbyn has also said he would likely withdraw support for American backed campaigns in Syria and Iraq. This would effectively isolate Britain from it’s biggest allies.

My Corbyn said : “I would say to President Trump: ‘Listen, it’s in nobody’s interests for this war to continue. Let’s get the Geneva process going quickly. In the meantime, no more strikes. Have the UN investigation into the war crime of the use of chemical weapons in Syria and take it on from there.'”

Cabinet minister Damian Green said on Sunday: “You just have to listen to what Jeremy Corbyn said this morning – he said that he would dismantle Britain’s nuclear defences and he would fail to deal effectively with terrorism.

“This man could be Prime Minister in seven weeks and I can’t think of a better reason for sticking with the strong leadership of Theresa May than the fact that Jeremy Corbyn would dismantle this country’s defences.”

Should the UK give up it’s nuclear weapons and its seat at the top table of international military powerhouses? Effectively the UK will become a much weaker and more target-able country under Jeremy Corbyn and many years of proud militarily history would go out the window. Is this a course you would like to see the UK take? Let us know in the comments.