Tories could secure victory with almost 200 SEAT majority

The Tories are on course for a landslide victory in the upcoming election. The win could be even bigger than the victory enjoyed by Tony Blair in 1997. Polls suggest the Conservatives could add an extra 104-190 seats as her popularity continues to surge.

Polls sugest that the Tories will win 47% of the vote. 17% ahead of Labour. Many labour strongholds are set to fall to the conservatives, some for the very first time as confidence in Mr Corbyns ability to lead continues to fall.

The North East of England, a long time Labour stronghold looks certain to swing heavily in favour of the Tories.

If the polls turn out to be correct the Tories could be sitting pretty with 406 seats. The party currently has 330 seats in the House of Commons. while Labour trails behind with 229.

Bookmakers odds tell the stroy very clearly with Mrs May 1/33 to secure victory and Mr Corbyn 14/1 to be a surprise winner. Tim Farron is 200/1 and UKIP leader Paul Nuttall is langusing behind at 500/1.



Danny DeVito backs Jeremy Corbyn

Twins star Danny Devito has shown a surprising interest in British politics. He tweeted “UK. You’ve got the guy. Register by May 22nd. Vote for Jeremy Corbyn …show us how it’s done.”

In a recent interview Devito praised Mr Corbyn saying he would make a “great PM” and would be “far better than Cameron”.

So there you go. Hollywood superstars are coming out in backing for Jeremy Corbyn, but where does your vote lie? Let us know in the comments.



Corbyn and May duck leaders’ debate

Mr Corbyn and Mrs May decided to decline the offer of a televised debate with other party leaders on ITV last night. That left the heavily advertised program a bit pointless. The other leaders squabbled like children as if there opinion actually mattered. Most of them won’t even win their local seat and their parties are unlikely to get any seats at all.

Four of the five leaders’ backed staying in the EU and they all pointlessly argued with UKIP leader Paul Nuttall about the subject. Despite the fact that Britain chose to leave the EU months ago this was the main point of discussion. Nuttall was attacked throughout the night particularly by Nicola Sturgeon who simply cannot get past the fact the country voted to leave the EU. Instead of focusing on policies that would actually help Scotland she will talk of nothing but Brexit. It’s all becoming a bit embarrassing.

Theresa May has said she will not take part in any live debates, and Mr Corbyn has said he will only take part if she does. May doesn’t need to do them in fairness to her. She is a mile ahead in the polls and an awkward TV debate will do nothing but weaken her position and give Mr Corbyn a foothold in the race. Corbyn is an expert in debate where Mrs May has repeatedly shown herself up when conducting highly pressurized TV interviews.

It was the first of several election specials scheduled to take place ahead of the 8 June general election. The BBC will hold a Question Time special on 2 June in which Mrs May and Mr Corbyn will face audience questions consecutively.

There will be another chance for Nicola Sturgeon to bore everyone with her anti brexit agenda on 4 June when she and Mr Farron take part in another debate.