Boris Johnson Launches Vicious Attack on Labour Leader

Boris Johnson has continued his barrage of insults at Jeremy Corbyn. Johnson called Corbyn a “mutton-headed old mugwump” in an astonishing act of petulance recently.

When asked if he regretted the comments, Johson retorted “I want to apologise to mugwumps everywhere for comparing them to Jeremy Corbyn”.

Mr Corbyn refused to be drawn into a slanging match saying “It’s eight days in and the Tories are reduced to being personal and name calling. I’ve never done that and I’m not going to start now.”

Labour shadow cabinet minister John Healey slammed Boris for the attacking, saying it was all just to get attention.

He said: “I think this is Boris Johnson feeling left out of the election campaign and it’s the sort of look-at-me name calling that you would expect in an Eton playground.” I think it demeans the position of Britain’s Foreign Secretary.”

The assault also suggests that the Tories are little more concerned about the Labour Leader’s election campaign than previously thought. Despite a big lead in the polls, Jeremy Corbyn is closing the gap and the Tories are taking notice.

Typically Mrs May refused to give an opinion the subject simply stating the country needed strong leadership. Refusing to criticise or back Mr Johnson publicly. Privately we would imagine the comments have gone down rather poorly as the conservatives don’t need any negative media at this time.

Comedian David Baddiel tweeted “Nothing makes me want to vote for Corbyn more than Boris Johnson using – and thinking it’s adorable – his stupid Billy Bunter language”.

This will be exactly the kind of thing Theresa May would want to avoid, regardless of her lead in the polls. As we have seen with Brexit and the Donald Trump campaign, the polls can swing dramatically in a matter of days, so no one is assured of victory just yet.

What do you think? Was Boris Johnson right to launch the attack? Or is it playing into Labours hands?

Let us know in the comments below

New poll suggests landslide victory for conservatives

A new poll has suggested that the conservatives could win the next UK election by one of the biggest margins in UK history. Currently 50% of the population are set to vote Tory. With Labour languishing behind with just 25%.

This would result in a bigger landslide than the one enjoyed by Tony Blair in 1997.

This would be an unprecedented victory for the Conservatives and leave Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn looking at an early exit from his leadership position.

Despite this news Jeremy remains positive and insists that the polls do not reflect the full story. Publicly he is showing confidence and insisting the gap is closing but privately he must be fearing a humiliating defeat and considering his future as an MP.

In the light of the recent surprise Brexit vote and Donald Trump victory though anything could yet still happen in this election. There are still 7 weeks to go until the vote. Let us know in the comments whether you think Mr Corbyn can close the gap or whether he is facing disaster.

4 more bank holidays under Labour Government

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to increase national bank holidays by 4 days insisting that workers “need a break”. How he proposes to pay for these extra days though is anyones guess. It is estimated that each bank holiday in the UK costs the country £2.3bn, a staggering figure. Presumably he will use the money saved from scrapping Trident to pay for this. So we can all enjoy an extra 4 days off a year as we get invaded and bombed back to the stone age if there is ever a war. Brilliant.

Do we even need more holdiays? Meanwhile in Japan and other prospering countries their productivity is through the roof while Britain continues to languish behind Asian and European rivals.

One person we asked said “we have to be one of the laziest countries in the world and now even our so called leaders want us to be more lazy. It doesn’t surprise me as Jeremy can’t even be bothered to wear a tie”.

It appears that Labour are trying to do anything they can to close the huge lead the Tories have in the Polls. More holidays and a £10 minimum wage. Of course upping the minimum wage is great in theory but it will put small businesses under even more financial strain. They are already feeling the pinch now that it is mandatory for them to supply workers with a workplace pension. So where do small businesses get the extra money to pay these wages? It will inevitably lead to redundancies.

Add this to the extra 4 days holiday which will see businesses lose even more money and you are looking at job losses all over the country. So think hard about whether Labours promises are deliverable and even if they are, is it worth it?

Corbyn refuses to authorise execution of IS leader

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to confirm he would authorise a drone strike that would take out the leader of the world’s most dangerous terror organisation. The conservatives have used this as base to attack the Labour leader, saying it proves he doesn’t have the guts to be the leader of the United Kingdom.

Corbyn has also confirmed he would dismantle UK defences to save money. The UK would likely cease to be a nuclear power under Corbyn leaving us wide open to attacks from rogue states like North Korea.

Mr Corbyn has also said he would likely withdraw support for American backed campaigns in Syria and Iraq. This would effectively isolate Britain from it’s biggest allies.

My Corbyn said : “I would say to President Trump: ‘Listen, it’s in nobody’s interests for this war to continue. Let’s get the Geneva process going quickly. In the meantime, no more strikes. Have the UN investigation into the war crime of the use of chemical weapons in Syria and take it on from there.'”

Cabinet minister Damian Green said on Sunday: “You just have to listen to what Jeremy Corbyn said this morning – he said that he would dismantle Britain’s nuclear defences and he would fail to deal effectively with terrorism.

“This man could be Prime Minister in seven weeks and I can’t think of a better reason for sticking with the strong leadership of Theresa May than the fact that Jeremy Corbyn would dismantle this country’s defences.”

Should the UK give up it’s nuclear weapons and its seat at the top table of international military powerhouses? Effectively the UK will become a much weaker and more target-able country under Jeremy Corbyn and many years of proud militarily history would go out the window. Is this a course you would like to see the UK take? Let us know in the comments.

“Too many failures” – Corbyn admits to Piers Morgan

The Labour leader confessed that there have been “too many failures” under his leadership when pushed for an answer from Piers Morgan to name an area he had failed in as Labour Leader. Mr Corbyn continually dodged the question much to the annoyance of Good Morning presenter Piers.

Mr Morgan also asked Corbyn about a recent GQ magazine article that compared Jeremy Corbyns leadership to that of under pressure Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. Wenger has been under pressure from fans to resign after Arsenals season slumped yet again. A heavy failure in the upcoming election would probably see Corbyn dislodged as the Labour Leader.

The under fire Labour leader dismissed the suggestion as “nonsense” and insisted that both he and Arsène Wenger are very hardworking people. Corbyn is a long time Arsenal fan and is a member of the “In Arsène We Trust” group of Arsène Wenger fans.

After the interview, Mr Morgan said: “I can’t help liking Jeremy Corbyn. Like Wenger, a decent principled man – but seems oblivious to reality.”

Both Arsene Wenger and Jeremy Corbyn are likely to face increased pressure over the coming weeks as the Premier League season draws to a close and the election draws ever nearer.

Will either of them still be in a job come the end of June? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Corbyn “feeble and gutless” – Fears Russia Could Hack UK Election

Sir Michael Fallon has suggested that Vladimir Putin would welcome a Labour victory in the upcoming general election as the Labour leader is “feeble and gutless” on defence. He added that Britain needed to be ready for potential cyber attacks and that it was possible that outside interference may plot to put Corbyn in Number 10 for their own purposes.

Nato has recently deployed troops to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe to try to reassure them in the face of Russian aggression. Sir Michael said: “Russia will be watching Labour’s feebleness. Jeremy Corbyn has not supported this deployment. He has questioned it.”

Jeremy Corbyn has long been against the renewal of the Trident nuclear program saying that the money could be better spent elsewhere. However in a world that becomes more uncertain the face of aggression from North Korea and possibly Russia Corbyn may have to reconsider his thinking if he has serious ambitions to lead the UK.

Sir Michael added that Mr Corbyn’s stance on the deterrent was “a continuing concern” for America and the rest of Britain’s allies.

He said: “Our allies obviously depend too on the deterrent, Nato is a nuclear alliance and Labour’s failure to wholeheartedly back the deterrent is obviously a continuing concern for the United States and our other allies.”

As a country with a proud military history and a former global super power has Mr Corbyn completely misjudged the publics opinion on military spending? Have your say in the comments.

Jeremy Corbyn vows to ‘overturn the rigged system’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to “overturn the rigged system” by putting power and wealth back in the hands of “the people”.

Jeremy was defiant in the face of faltering poll results maintaining that the election was not a “foregone conclusion” and Labour could defy the doubters and triumph on June 8th.

He confirmed that Labour would not back a second EU referendum but maintain Britain’s course to exit the EU with the best deal for Britain.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the election was about ensuring “strong and stable leadership” for the UK and about giving Britain the best chance at getting a good deal from Brexit. The Tories currently have a double digit lead int he polls and May hopes to convert that into a result come election day but Corbyn is confident it won’t be that straight forward.

Mr Corbyn could have blocked the snap election but instead showed confidence and ordered his MPs to back it in a Commons vote on Wednesday.

Corbyn stated that he would “end this racket” and “overturn the rigged system,” to an audience of Labour supporters in London.

He said: “Much of the media and Establishment are saying this election is a foregone conclusion. They think there are rules in politics, which if you don’t follow by doffing your cap to powerful people, accepting that things can’t really change, then you can’t win. But of course those people don’t want us to win. Because when we win, it’s the people, not the powerful, who win.”

He added: “They say I don’t play by the rules – their rules. We can’t win, they say, because we don’t play their game. They’re quite right I don’t. And a Labour government elected on 8 June won’t play by their rules.

Sir Philip Green and Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley were targeted in his speech, saying they should be “worried about a Labour government”.

Do you think Jeremy Corbyn can deliver on his promises if elected to power? Let us know in the comments.