Crusade of Fortune Slot

Enter a Mythical World with the Crusade of Fortune Video Slot Machine Game

Slot Type: Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenominations, Skill Stop Feature, Autoplay , Free Spin bonus round, Battle Bonus feature, Wild Symbol, Scatter symbol, Video Slot Machine
Software: Net Entertainment
Platform: Instant Play – No Download
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Max Coins Per Line: 20
Coin Value: 0.01 – 0.20
Bet Line Jackpot: 5,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 2,000 coins.


The Crusade of Fortune video slot machine game from Net Entertainment has that classic arcade video game feel to it. It reminds you of the old combat type of video games such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. The characters carry unique weapons and fight using fancy moves. Any ‘pre-millenium’ baby can share the joy of visiting a video arcade and play endless rounds of these types of games. Who can ever forget that fatal blow combination learnt on your Playstation console that requires you to dislocate a thumb to get it right! This video game will have you feeling nostalgic and will give you a similar feeling to NetEnt’s other release – Reel Rush.

How to play:

The Crusade of Fortune is a 5-reel, 20-payline game that is riddled with fantasy, adventure and challenges that when won will win you some great money. You have a chance in this game to win up to 300,000 coins. The game is a 20-level bet game with a maximum bet value of 400. The coin value ranges between 0.01 and 0.20 and gives a maximum payout of 5,000 coins. The game has a number of regular symbols, a wild symbol and 2 scatter symbols that can get you to the free spin bonus round or battle bonus round.

Crusade of Fortune Symbols:

The regular symbols in this video game are as mythical as they come. They include a high elf, a witch hunter, chaos, goblin, a large and small shield, and iron breaker and a war hammer. These can be substituted by the wild and scatter symbols in the video slot game. A combination of these symbols can get you some wins.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild Symbol is depicted by a Crusade Wizard. The wild symbol can substitute regular symbols in a spin and raise your chances of getting winning combinations. The Wizard Hunter Wild symbol cannot, however, substitute the scatter symbols and is also unable to trigger on the Free Spin round or the battle bonus features.

The scatter symbols are seen as the little Dwarf Hammerer and the notorious Orc (whose symbol signifies a bonus symbol). When 2 or more numbers of dwarf hammerer scatters show up any place on the game reels, they animate and help create winning combinations. 3 or more of these Dwarf symbols will activate the Free Spinning Bonus game. The Orc Bonus symbol is the scatter symbol that can trigger on the battle round bonus game. 3 or more numbers of Orc symbols in a consecutive order and on an active payline will animate and bring about the bonus game.

Free Spin Bonus Round

The Free Spin round is activated when 3 or more numbers of Dwarf Hammerer scatters are spun. You get spins between 10, 20 spins or even 30 and all wins in this round are 3X multiplier. You are able to get more bonus spins within this game, when you procure three or more numbers of scatters against during the free spinning round. Like this, you could avail an infinite number of free spins whilst the round that makes this slot game more fascinating and one of a kind. Once the spins hit 0, the game goes back to the regular reels.

Battle Round Bonus Game

The Orc Symbols will trigger on the battle round bonus game. The round is a 2-fighter round is a battle between the player (played by the Crusade Wizard) and the computer (played by the Orc). You get 3 chances to strike and destroy the Orc. Each chance gives you an option to choose a hit and a shield to defend yourself. The life bar at the top of each player will decrease with each hit. It is possible to defeat the Orc or for it to defeat you. However, there is also a stand-off where the battle is a draw. In each situation, you win some extra coins to add to your final wins. Once the battle is over, the game returns to the regular reels.

Autoplay and Skill Stop Features

The skill stop feature in the Crusade of Fortune video slot machine allows you to start and stop the reel spins at your pace by hitting the Spin button. There is an option to select autoplay where a number of spins is put in as well as settings as to when the spins should stop. The autoplay lets the computer spin some winning combinations for you. Visit the Advanced settings option and select options that can stop these spins. It is possible to tell the computer to stop after a win or after you reach a certain minimum or maximum coins.


Active paylines is the name of the game in order to win in the Crusade of Fortune video slot machine game. The coins bet on the active paylines multiplied by the coin value selected will give you those wins. In addition, all coins won in the free spins plus the Battle Round bonus game are added to your total wins. The highest payout stands at 5,000 coins and can be achieved by spinning 5 Bright Wizard symbols. This game usually displays coins in Euros but this can be changed by the player to other common currencies such as the US Dollar or Sterling Pound. The coin value will however not change regardless.

Enjoy this mythical game from Net Entertainment online and you can play for fun or put down some real money in order to win big.

Can Suarez turn the tide?

No national side likes to be thought of as a one man team, especially one with a proud, if distant, history like Uruguay. They are twice winners of the World Cup, in 1930 and 1950 but have stood still while the game’s moved forward. They have at least found one world class player in Luis Suarez but is the team as a whole good enough to challenge? His recuperation from a knee injury has made this question more important than ever for the team known as Los Charruas.

In their opening match against Costa Rica, they could have been known as Los Daplot. They held a deserved lead through Edinson Cavani, and have should have built on it. But once Costa Rica turned the pressure up they wilted like spinach. A 3-1 victory for the central Americans was a shock for the punters, but should it really have been so unexpected?

Uruguay scraped into these finals by the skin of their teeth. They finished fifth in the South American qualifying group, trailing the likes of unfancied Ecuador and Colombia. At one point they were an embarrassing seventh, and only a late run of victories gained them a play off berth against Jordan. That match, of course, was a foregone conclusion but they won’t find such easy opposition in Brazil.

The thing to remember is that Uruguay’s dire qualifying campaign came with a fully fit and bang in form Luis Suarez in the side. Without him, what have they got? We saw the answer in Fortaleza. Not a lot.

Edinson Cavani is often touted as being world class, but he is rampantly enigmatic. He often looks as if he’s running through treacle, and can have the touch of an arthritic buffalo in front of goal. He can also produce moments of brilliance, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for them. The other attacking option is Diego Forlan, a player not so much past his sell by date as expired.

So, there’s no doubt that his country needs Luis Suarez, and that’s why he’s certain to start against England just weeks after having minor knee surgery. Liverpool club doctors may wish to look away.

There’s no doubt that Suarez will be fully committed, he knows no other way of playing. There’s also no doubt that he’ll be a major irritant to England’s players and fans. He will be ready with his full repertoire of dives and exaggerations. But he might not be as forthcoming with his trademark lung bursting runs. Even if Suarez did somehow play at his best, would that be good enough? Suarez has had an incredible two seasons, but scored none against the top four teams last season. Gary Cahill handled him with consummate ease in a Chelsea shirt.

Starting Suarez is an exercise in futility. The effort will be there but his fitness surely won’t. I expect to see a dejected Suarez hobble off the pitch after around 70 minutes. Without him at fill fitness, Uruguay have little to no hope of getting a victory needed against an England team who put in a promising performance when going down to Italy. A draw seems to be a likely outcome.

It could be enough for England, but it will effectively send Uruguay home with a defeat looming on the horizon against Italy.

Sports Betting Strategy: What Works and What Doesn’t!

Sports betting is extremely popular in the UK. Most people enjoy watching sports and love to make some money while doing so. Though betting is considered to be based on luck most of the times, it can actually be managed well to increase your chances of winning.

Simply put, you have a 50-50 chance in each game to win or lose on your bet. However, if you use the right strategies, bet accordingly and plan your money in a structured manner, you can increase your chances of winning by up to 80%. This is a good enough reason to understand the sports betting strategies and spend some quality time analysing your bets so that you can increase your profits and make more money in this betting scenario.

Useful Strategies for Effective Sports Betting

Planning: Just like in any other money-making venture, planning is crucial to win. Whether it’s at the first stage, or on a continuous basis, planning helps you to keep things in check and determine what you need to do ahead to succeed. In sports betting, making a plan and sticking to it will help you win more money. Most people who don’t make enough money are the ones who are constantly changing directions

Making the Right Choices: Your entire life is a result of the choices you make. Similarly, betting is all about the choices you make in the course of your betting time. Making the right choice will lead you on the path to money and success in your betting!

Timing: In sports betting, it is all about the timing. If you are in the right game with the right amount of bet at the right time, you will win exceptionally well.

Using the Right Sports Book: While betting, you need to choose sports books that have the same goal as you do. If you bet through a sports book with varied goals, you will never be able to make enough money from your bets. Always surround yourself with people smarter than you!

Money Management: Eventually, the goal of sports betting is to make more money. In order to accomplish this successfully, it is important for bettors to know their money management well. If you can ace your money management skills, you can go a long way in winning good amounts of money

Patience: You cannot become a billionaire with sports betting overnight. You have to be patient and not get disturbed by the small hindrances that may come your way. Stay put and keep going on the right path, success will come and find you.

Learn from your Mistakes: The best strategy is to keep track of your mistakes and learn from them. Everyone has setbacks in sports betting and people often lose money at some point or the other. Keep notes of what went wrong, so the next time you don’t commit the same mistakes.

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare: Success is the place where preparation meets opportunity. Keep studying and reading about the game, keep track of the players, and prepare yourself for the next bet. A good preparation goes a long way in making good money.

Take Calculated Risks: No businessman can succeed if he doesn’t take risks. However, in sports betting, you must take calculated risks to win more and more. Slowly, winning will become a habit if you keep doing the correct thing on a regular basis.

Sports betting can surely help you make more money and give you some great entertainment along the way. You need to have clear strategies for winning, but keep yourself prepared for loses that may come along the way.

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